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TGR Enterprises, Inc. – The Fly Saver™ Snagged Fly / Lure Retrieval Device

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   !!!!#$#%^&* …I’M SNAGGED!

If they’re biting, you want to be on them.

A snagged fly is not something you want to deal with. For most trout fishermen it’s about “time”. The time it takes to get tied back on.

The hatch has started and here you are fumbling tippet, leader and fly desperately trying to get in on the action while it’s hot. What could be worse? Well… it could be your favorite hand tied fly hung up in that tree limb. Or maybe a costly purchased fly. But worst of all it could be your LAST fly. And now, you’re done for the day.

Sure would be nice if someone (maybe a real trout fisherman) developed a lure retrieval device that would help keep that big one from getting away.



Developed by real trout fishermen, The Fly Saver™ device retrieves most flies snagged within reach of your fly rod and extended arm, as far as 15 feet away. The unit can facilitate the retrieval of your lure and get you back fishing quickly. It can cut vegetation approximately “pencil” size depending on species and environmental conditions. The cutting elements are made from high-grade 420 stainless steel, heat treated to provide toughness and strength while exerting great cutting forces. The 9.5′ Dacron® cord has a pull test of 180 pounds. The white oak handle has been tested assuring extreme water resistance and is protected by a proven oil finish. All other metal components are stainless steel.

To use The Fly Saver™, place the small hooked tang on the last eyelet of your rod. Then using your fly rod, extend The Fly Saver™ with attached cord and place on the limb or branch BEHIND your snagged fly. REMOVE YOUR ROD. Gently pull cord to close the cutting elements on the branch, then apply a quick jerk of the wooden handle and the branch is cut allowing you to reel in your SAVED fly.

“Don’t miss the hatch.”©


The FLY SAVER™ is manufactured in Western North Carolina and is NOT a product of China. All components have been carefully analyzed and materials chosen as best suited for the stringent requirements. For example: The cord has minimal stretch and knots tightly. The handle is grooved at the ends allowing the cord to be wound about the length for storage. The clip rings attached to the moving thumb and the stationary cutting hook are able to withstand the high mechanical forces. Underneath the stainless screw holding the members together is a Bellville washer which is also a spring providing a pre-load that keeps the device in the open ready-to-use position.

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