Brass Stacker™ Mauser Scout Scope Mount


Scope Mount

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Scope your Mauser while preserving its historic integrity.

“ANCHOR POINT” Series – See Through Design

  • Innovative “Anchor Point” design provides superior mount stability
  • See through design for continued use of fixed iron sights
  • Installs in minutes, no permanent modification or rifle disassembly required
  • No straight bolt handle or stripper clip interference
  • No contact with stock
  • Recoil lug nut spanner wrench included
  • Unit comes loosely preassembled
  • Rigid all steel construction, include 5/16” x 8” MIL-STD 1911 Picatinny Rail
  • Made in America, 100% Lifetime Warranty

*This mount fits the majority of 8mm mil surp Mauser variant designs with K98 type recoil lug and rear sight blocks (K98k, M24/47, M48, etc.). It will fit the Model 1916 Spanish Mausers with recoil lug and the FN Herstal 7mm x 57 Venezuelan short. It will NOT fit Argentine, Chilean, Czechoslovakian, Swedish, Spanish or Turkish Mausers. PLEASE READ FITMENT NOTES BEFORE PURCHASING!

Why consider a “Scout” type setup for your rifle?

A LER (Long Eye Relief) optic, or Scout Scope, mounted forward of the receiver provides a substantial uninterrupted overall field of view. This unconfined environment results in greater situational awareness allowing for fast target acquisition and shots taken with both eyes open. This configuration has additional advantages for bolt action MilSurp (military surplus) rifle platforms as it does not interfere with spent casing ejection, straight bolt handles or stripper clip use.



Product provides for mounting of scout scope or other long eye relief (LER) optics to *Mauser rifles without the need to drill and tap the receiver or make any permanent modifications to firearm. It is designed to use the recoil lug attachment point and rear sight pivot attachment point allowing for the continued use of the original fixed/iron sights.


some text German K98

some text Yugoslavian M2447 some text Yugoslavian M48


The mount will accommodate a front to back (horizontal) distance of 5.86″ (148.9mm) to 6.26″ (159.1mm) from the center of the recoil lug to the center of the rear sight block pivot. It also allows for an up and down (vertical) distance of 1.32” (33.6 mm) to 1.67” (42.3 mm) from the same. The rear sight riser block is designed to fit over rear sight blocks that measure a maximum of .74” (18.9 mm) wide. The total weight including hardware is 9.5 oz. However, the net weight increase is only 8.7 oz. due to the replacement of the original recoil lug bar and nut.

INCLUDED: Hex body spanner wrench for recoil lug nut IS included. All necessary hardware, hex wrenches and complete installation instructions.



We have made every reasonable effort to ensure that this product will fit the majority of *Mauser rifle variants. However, due to the large number of these firearms produced over many years around the world, it is impossible for us to allow for all manufacturing variation. As with any of our products, it may be returned undamaged for a full refund. The mount can only accommodate so much misalignment. You should measure the center distances as described in the specifications to ensure that the mount will fit properly. Proper tightening of all hardware should result in no movement of the mount during normal firing recoil.


Any scope or mount that suffers an impact should not be trusted to be accurate. If you feel your mount has been compromised you can still use your original open iron sights. Design subject to change without prior notice. Caution! Improper installation or use may result in damage to property, severe injury, or loss of life. If for any reason this product does not function properly, discontinue use immediately. Always practice proper SAFETY and ensure an UNLOADED condition before beginning installation.

Click here to view the installation video for the Mauser Scout Scope Mount

Call us at 828-665-4427 with installation questions.


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