Mosin Nagant Recoil Lug Nut Spanner Wrench



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Spanner Wrench for Mosin Nagant recoil lug nut.

*This wrench fits the majority of military surplus Mosin Nagant variant designs with original type recoil lug nut (M9130, M38, M39, M44, T53, etc.). Will also fit the majority of 8mm mil surp Mauser variant designs with K98 type recoil lug nut (K98k, M24/47, M48, vz. 24, etc.). PLEASE MEASURE YOUR HOLE CENTER DISTANCE BEFORE PURCHASING!

Wrench is an approximate 3/4″ long alloy steel hex body with black oxide finish for use with a standard 1/2″ socket and ratchet. The hex body has a recessed center to allow for clearance of lug thread and is OD chamfered to minimize any stock interference (care should be taken not to damage stock). The hardened (60Rc) alloy steel dowel pins are 1/16″ diameter on .413″ (10.5mm) centers and extend approximately 1/8″. Dowel pins have a calculated single shear strength of 465 lbs and have been tested to 15 ft lbs max. Wrench is not designed for removal of nuts corroded in place.

Socket, ratchet and nut are NOT included.

Please note that the Mosin Nagant Universal Fit Anchor Point Scout Scope Mount (MN39SSMF or R) already includes this spanner wrench.


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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

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