Brass Stacker™ RLO Custom Leather Mosin Nagant Ching Sling


Ching Slings


Brass Stacker™ RLO Custom Leather Mosin Nagant Ching Sling

We commissioned our friend and Master Knife maker Rick Lowe to design and produce custom leather Ching Slings exclusively for Brass Stacker™. Rick is not only known for his premier blade steel but also his fine gun leather and sheath work.


M9130, M44, M38, T53 and M53

These rugged and uniquely beautiful Ching Slings are fitted specifically for the Mosin Nagant rifle stock. They are finely handcrafted and stitched one at a time by RLO Custom Leather in Bronson, Florida.

This product also features our Brass Stacker™ Two-Axis Ching Sling Swivel Stud for the Mosin Nagant. The Two-Axis head allows for 360° rotation of the center sling swivel. The swivel stud DOES NOT require any permanent modification to the rifle. You DO NOT have to drill any holes in the stock. Simply remove the forward bolt of the box magazine and replace with the supplied swivel stud. The stud has a slotted head (similar to that of the original bolt you remove) accessed through a 1/4″ diameter hole in the Two-Axis head of the swivel. The 1″ wide sling strap has 5 adjustment holes allowing for up to 6″ of sizing adjustment in the center strap. The unit also include two (2) custom leather dog collars for attachment through the original stock slots.

These Ching Slings are NO DRILL and a Universal Fit for most Mosin Nagant variants.

Made in America from top quality 7/8 ounce veg-tan leather hides and offered in the darker Chocolate Brown, lighter Saddle Tan and our new Charcoal Black. Leather shade may vary. This is a handmade product and may vary slightly from images shown, minor blemishes can be expected.

Includes: Main sling strap, center sling strap, Two-Axis stud, three (3) sling swivels and two (2) dog collars.


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We ship all items USPS First Class (1-3 business day service). We CANNOT offer any expedited shipping! Due to increased order volume & issues with our suppliers, we are currently at a 2-week backlog on all leather products.


PLEASE NOTE: This product is handmade and produced only when an order is placed.  The value shown in the “Quantity in stock” field below is necessary for order generation and is NOT an indication of product on hand. Shipping lead time can sometimes be as much as 3 weeks subject to leather availability & other factors.



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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 2 in

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